Oct_16_06 Iowa Giant Alert! Steve Snow shot this buck on October 11 on a farm he bought this year in the Hawkeye State. He had spotted the monster a couple of times in hard antler–couldn’t miss that mass and tines! Steve’s son, Issac, was running the video camera and caught the action for Kisky Productions. We’re guessing this awesome buck will score in the 190s to 200″! Congrats Steve!

Oct_16_06_2 Kandi Kisky just felled this buck for her and Don’s “Whitetail Freaks” TV show to premiere in 2007. I don’t have details yet, but I wanted you to check out the old boy’s rack—he grew all his gnarly mass at the bases and in the split brows and stickers (bottom photo), and went light on top in the beams and tines. Every rack is cool and different like that with its own character. That’s why they fascinate us so damn much!

Kandi06buck2_1 With the early cold weather/snow and the moon (full November 5) the big boys are moving—and hitting the ground—earlier than usual this year. The rut is still a good 2 weeks or more away in most places, but get out there as soon as you can.