Oct_2_06 One evening last week Wyatt Gregory, 9 years young, sat side by side with his dad, Jay, in a Loggy Bayou ladder stand in a timber bottom near a soybean field. Wyatt’s mom, Tammi, was in another stand off the backside of the tree, running her video camera.

A flock of turkeys and a family of coons came by and entertained everybody. Then 2 does popped up in the green underbrush smack below their tree. Wyatt grabbed his bow and came to full draw, but the biggest old doe needed to take a couple more steps to clear some brush. Wyatt held draw and waited like a pro, and when the doe stepped into the open, he put his 12-yard sight pin on her lungs and fired a perfect arrow. The doe ran, stumbled and went down, all the action on camera!

It was Wyatt’s first deer with a bow and kid, mom and dad went wild. As dusk fell, they celebrated long and loud in that tree in the bottom near the bean field that evening. That’s hunting the family way, and we need more of it these days.

BTW, Wyatt’s archery rig is great for a kid: Mathews Mustang bow (19”draw), Black Gold Sight,
Jet 2000 Blackhawk arrows, Rocky Mountain Turbo 100-grain broadhead.