Oct_3_06 Don Kisky (right in the photo) traveled up to Alberta recently, and as you can see my friend struck some serious gold. Actually Lee Lakosky (left) scored first, nailing a 172” velvet giant.

On the last evening of the hunt, Don and his cameraman went for a “quickie ambush” near a clover field where they had watched a 150-class 10-pointer walk under the same tree several times that week. They got the wind right, snuck in, hung stands near that tree, climbed up and hunted till the end.

If you have been glassing/watching a big buck for several days or weeks, do the same right now! You always want that element of surprise. But make sure the wind and all the other conditions are right before you move in with a tree stand or to hunt from the ground. Go for it, but don’t do something stupid and force it and spook that buck. One chance might be all you get. Your first time in to hunt the deer will be the best.

Back to Don’s hunt. With 5 minutes of daylight left the cameraman whispered, “Don’t move, 2 bucks coming right at us.” One of them was 30″ bigger than the shooter they’d been watching all week! Don’s arrow was on target; the velvet giant ran 200 yards and tipped over dead. The 182” rack was obviously awesome, but Don was most amazed at the Canadian animal’s massive body, a good 300 pounds plus, eh.

BTW, that’s Realtree’s Bill Jordan posing with the happy hunters. Funny how ole Bill always seems to find himself smack in the middle of monster bucks.