Oct_9_06 Rick Williams and his son, Brandon, love to hunt together in the woods behind the family home in Genessee County, MI. But with both of them working long and hard these days and Brandon having moved from the area, they don’t get to spend nearly as much time together as they used to.

Sound familiar?

Brandon made time to come home and hunt last weekend. On October 1, Rick (top photo) nailed this 7-pointer, and the next day Brandon one-upped Dad with his 8-pointer, his biggest bow buck ever. Brandon told his mom he’d been waiting 19 years for a day like this, when he and his dad could pull off a backyard bow double.

Oct_9_06_2 To all us older fathers and sons: It is never too late to make the time to hunt together, and it will never be too late. To all you younger dads: Spend as much time in the woods with your kids as you can, before those days are gone.

BTW, those are 2 great bucks, congrats Rick and Brandon! And thanks to mom for sending the story and photos.