Oct_12_06 Shane Silver’s battle cry all summer was, “Kill Whitey!” Remember Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction? How raunchy and bloody and foul-mouthed was that?

Anyhow, Shane saw a blurry trail-cam picture of the young white buck earlier this summer in Noble Co. IN. He first thought it was an albino (pink eyes and white hooves). Later on in the summer around velvet-shedding time Shane got some blurry video footage of Whitey sparring with another young buck. Turns out he was 99% piebald (brown eyes and black hooves).

This was a heck of a trophy and Shane was more than willing to burn his one 06 buck tag on the deer. So he chanted his mantra “Kill Whitey!” over and over to his friends, and they just laughed and played along. Shane figured Whitey was almost as cool as the 206” non-typical monster he’d killed a couple of seasons ago.

Shane killed Whitey with his bow the other night and chanted over and over to his pals, “I told you so!” The stunning white deer will look fantastic alongside the 206-incher on Shane’s wall.

BTW, anybody ever seen a piebald or albino deer? I’ve seen one “pinto” in the wild, a more typical half-brown, half-white critter. I’ve never seen an albino and don’t expect to. I hear that maybe 1 in 30,000 whitetails might be white and pink-eyed.