Oct_4_06 This just into the ZONE: For the second year in a row a hunter has killed a 200-class giant on opening day of Ohio’s archery season. Jonathon Schmucker of Seaman, Ohio, killed the buck with a crossbow on the evening of September 30.

Once scored, the Adams County monster will easily score over 200″ non-typical. It has 33 points, an inside spread of 24 inches and will go down as one the top bucks of 2006–and the rut is still a month away!

What do you think, can some lucky soul top this monster anywhere in America later this year?

BTW, last fall on opening day, Mike Rex of Athens, Ohio, arrowed a non-typical hawg that scored 218 6/8. No doubt Ohio is one of the best places to kill a B&C giant these days.

BTW, did you know that 50 percent of Ohio archers shoot a Xbow these days?

MORE BREAKING OHIO NEWS: Wed.October 4, 2006, 5:51

Beatty_3 I just heard from a very reliable source that an incredible 304″ non-typical was just killed by a Buckeye bowhunter! It was supposedly measured this morning by an Ohio DNR official. Sources tell me the monster will challenge the famous “Beatty Buck.” That incredible 39-pointer (photo left) was shot in Greene County, Ohio, in the fall of 2000. With a rack score of 304 6/8, the Beatty Buck stands as the world’s #1 non-typical whitetail ever killed by a bowhunter.

Has that record just been broken? Is it a different one from the buck pictured above? Stay tuned at the ZONE for updates. Anybody hear anything or see a photo of this thing let me know asap!

Also, anybody in Ohio need a good hunting buddy, I’m in!