I was hoping to keep you posted on my Saskatchewan adventure la__st week, but we were hunting and filming damn hard for 13 hours a day till the bitter end. Anyhow:

Oct_31_06 For 6 days Corey Jenkins, Jon Dodson and I bundled up, loaded up in the aluminum boat and motored 10 to 14 miles across icy Green Lake way, up in the Saskatchewan bush. Corey guides bear hunters and shed hunts on the lake each spring, and he had found us some killer spots to deer hunt.

We climbed into our blind before sunrise each morning and sat and waited…and waited…and waited…until around 6 PM each day, when Jon, our producer/cameraman, would announce, “Hell, we’re out of light.” Filming, you have to stop hunting 30 minutes or so before you normally would, in the last wisps of big-buck dusk.

On this same lake last fall I shot and killed a 181” monster, which Jon filmed for Whitetail Revolution on Versus channel (the old OLN). Jon did a fantastic job, and that show was number one in prime time when it aired in September.

Could I shoot a buck bigger this year, or ever? I doubted it. But then one day at 5 PM I spotted a giant ghosting in the bush—a 6×7 with ungodly 28 to 30” main beams, but he got away. There are almost mystical beasts like that prowling around this part of Saskatchewan. That is why I am obsessed with going back every year.

We spotted a good number of deer last week, even though the rut was still 2 to 3 weeks off. We saw as many bucks as does; the ratio is great, close to 1:1.

2006_whitetail_032 With 2 hours left in our hunt, with me nervous as a cat that we’d get one and make a TV show, the awesome 9-pointer with huge dagger brows stepped out at 60 yards. I smoked him in the shoulder with a 275-grain from my Remington Genesis, but he churned off across the meadow and up 2 poplar ridges. These bucks are huge (300 pounds plus) and tough as steel. You will not believe its mammoth size when you walk up to one. We tracked him for 150 yards and I fired a killing shot. Next time I will pack a heavier bullet.

One cool thing, this buck fell about 100 yards from the spot where I shot the 181-incher last November. I love that place.

Ever wondered how much goes into a high-end TV production like Revolution? For the rest of the day and evening Jon ran around like a wild man, shooting tape of Corey and me dragging the brute back to the boat, motoring off for camp, etc. We motored 30 minutes back out to the frozen spot next morning and Jon shot more tape…and…more…and more. We wrapped the shoot and the hunt around 2 PM.

Jon probably shot more than 250 minutes of tape that day, most of which will end up on the cutting room floor. You’ll see about 18 minutes of the hunt on a Revolution episode next year.

BTW, the high-def Sony camera Jon was using runs a cool 100 grand. “I’m not touching that damn thing,” I told him as we climbed into and out of the boat on the icy lake each day.

Another incredible Saskatchewan adventure with Buck Paradise outfitters. Grant Kuypers just keeps doing a hell of a job; his guides like Corey are great, and the gear, food and accommodations are first-rate. Some of the biggest whitetails in the world roam his area. Get up there and hunt for a giant in 2007 or 08 if you can. I might see you in camp.