Oct_10_06 I told you this new “world-record elk” that was supposedly shot by a bowhunter in Idaho’s Selway wilderness last month was a load of bull, pun very much intended. (See my post last week “Biggest Bull Elk in the World?)

The Coeur d’Alene Press got to the bottom of the Internet hoax in a great article that brought out the facts about the giant (yes, it’s a real bull, not a Photoshop job):

“The 79-inch spread and all of the measurements are too big for a wild elk,” said Jim Hayden, regional wildlife biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. He said more than 40,000 elk have been measured in the state’s Panhandle Region and none has scored close to 500 inches.

This 12×10 Manitoban bull elk supposedly grosses 575 and nets around 530 non-typical. I don’t know about those stats, but I do know it’s a damn big critter.

The Idaho biologist went on to say that the Selway-Bitterroot habitat just doesn’t have enough nutrition to grow an elk that large, just as the ZONE predicted. “This is a domestic elk that was fed high-quality protein and selectively bred from other large bulls,” he said.

Yep, a game farm bull in a high-fence, again just as the ZONE predicted. According to the Press it came from a pay-to-shoot wildlife estate near Arundel, Quebec. The owner of the preserve was quick to point out that the animal had no supplemental feed and its massive size was due to “pure genetics.”

Another load of bull.

The owner went on to say that the elk was difficult to find on the 1,000-acre fenced estate, which has a 100% success rate and a no-kill, no-pay policy.

Yeah, a real tough-ass hunt and another load of bull.

BTW, wonder what he paid to shoot it? “Hunts” at the preserve start at around $5,000, but a monster like that would cost you a hell of a lot more.