2 more monsters just popped up on the Boone & Crockett website:

Nov_9_06 Deb Luzinski of Woodbury, MN was bowhunting a regional park one day recently, hoping to smack a doe for the freezer, when this palmated, long-tined, junked-up monster came by. The veteran archer and mother of 2 calmly drilled the 24-pointer, which green scored about 220. It is one of the largest archery kills ever in MN and surely tops for a female hunter. Hunting is “a part of my being, a part of who I am,” Deb told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Way to go girl, you make us ZONERS proud!

Nov_9_06_2 Michael George was bowhunting near Arcadia, WI, when this buck popped into a shooting lane. He didn’t have much time, but he figured the deer was a “shooter” so he drilled him. Michael walked up to his first-ever archery buck and about fell over. The 17-pointer with double drops is reported to gross score 205, a shooter of a lifetime! Congrats Mike!