It’s the morning after the bloodbath for the GOP and I’m bummed. Looks like my boy George Allen is going to lose a squeaker to Jim Webb (who?) in the VA Senate race. That’s a shame. The boot-wearing, straight-talking, Copenhagen-dipping Allen (I gave that stuff up a few years ago and damn I miss it) has been a staunch supporter of gun owners and hunters. He will be missed.

Oh well, should be an interesting 2 years with a San Fransico liberal at the helm of the House. I’m sure Ms. Pelosi (D-CA) will look out for all us rednecks. LOL! And then there’s ’08 and Hillary…

On a brighter note, bucks are hitting the ground all over in early November, just as we predicted they would, in spite of the fact that it’s been in the rut-killing 60s and 70s with a south wind in Kansas, South Dakota and other areas in recent days. When the weather breaks and cools down, watch out.

Nov_8_06 Check out this 3-beamed Iowa giant that my buddy Mark Drury killed on Nov. 6.

It was misty and rainy with a south wind. Mark decided to hunt in a transition zone between security cover and a still-standing corn field, hoping to catch a monster either heading back to bed or cruising for does up in the morning.

Before long this 14-pointer popped out of cover, nudging a group of does and chasing a younger buck off. He walked to within 20 yards, stopped and worked a rub as big as Mark’s thigh.

He fired an arrow and drilled the buck. The 5 ½-year-old is a mainframe 5×5 with stickers and an extra long third beam and a split brow tine on the right side. He gross-scored 171.

This buck is a perfect example of something biologist Dr. Grant Woods told me not long ago. In managed areas with lots of great nutrition most bucks start putting junk on their antlers when they reach 4 1/2 years old plus. That’s why you see more giant non-typicals than typicals coming out of many areas in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, etc.

To keep track of all the big bucks the Drury Team is killing (a bunch!) go to their website and click on “journal.”

BTW, lots of beautiful emails/photos of dead and bloody bucks are rolling into the ZONE each day (click here to send yours). I’ll post as many as I can in the coming days.