91-year-old AL Man Still Shooting Deer

Nov_6_06_2 The crossbow, which is easier to shoot than the compound, is not only helping to recruit younger hunters and more middle-age hunters, it is also extending older hunters’ time in the woods. This story comes from my friend Tes Jolly in Alabama and from Paul at Horton Crossbows:

Dad celebrated his 91st birthday recently by going hunting. He shot this fat doe within minutes of getting into his stand. He hadn’t even put an arrow in the bow when she came along! He shot the deer from his hunting house that we call “Ned’s Treehouse.” He says the ancient red oak is as old as he is so they make a good pair.

The doe was 20 yards and the shot took out a lung and the liver on the pass through. We put our Lab on the blood trail, which turned out to be a very short one.

It was Dad’s first deer with his Horton crossbow. He is so excited about hunting with it that now we’ll designate him the “Doe Patrol” to put meat in the freezer. Hopefully when the rut starts in January down here he’ll get a chance at a good buck.

Way to go Ned and thanks for the story Tes.