Nov_29_06 Hi Mike: I’m from South Carolina and for the last 4 years I’ve traveled to Missouri to hunt. This year I was disappointed because I couldn’t be there on opening day of rifle season. I was afraid all the bucks may be in hiding by the time I finally got there.

Not so. On my second afternoon, barely 10 minutes after I got to my stand, this great buck walked out of the woods and into the pasture 50 yards in front of me. I still had my gun propped up against the stand, but he never noticed any movement.

I was really excited because this is the first big buck I’ve shot, but I haven’t gotten him scored yet.—Thanks, Esther

Way to go girl! I’d score him a solid 140. Not wide (14 or so) but super-long tines, that’s where he racks up score. Long beams that almost touch tips and decent mass, beautiful buck.

Any more gals out there killing big bucks and making us guys look bad? Keep sending me your pics and stories and keep putting us to shame.