Nov_1_06 Not all kids are playing soccer on Saturday mornings, or sleeping in till 11, or lying around watching MTV, or playing video games.

Last Saturday young Kaleb Kisky got up early, pulled on his camo and went bowhunting with his dad, Don. It wasn’t long before this great buck sneaked toward their tree stands, pawed a scrape and walked in to 15 yards. Kaleb drew and sailed an arrow just over his back.

The buck walked off but then circled back toward the scrape. Lesson here: If you miss a buck clean, chill. If the deer didn’t see you draw or otherwise bust you, he didn’t really know what happened– it might have been a stick cracking or a limb falling…stuff like that happens in the woods all the time. Once in a blue moon a missed buck will jump and hop off a ways, but then come back. Be ready for a second shot.

Kaleb nocked another arrow and this time he center-punched the lungs and heart. His first-ever bow buck fell and died within 15 yards, and Don caught all the action on video.

Now that’s how a father/son ought to spend a nice fall weekend, don’t you think?