Nov_15_06 Shane Smith had cam pictures of a monster 10-pointer roaming his Kansas hunting land, but he had never actually seen him. When Shane went out bowhunting one day last week he hoped to see the big boy of course. But he had never killed a buck with his bow so he’d probably take the first good-looking 8-pointer that came along, if he got so lucky.

Well, the first one to come by was the trail-cam giant! The buck walked to within 16 yards of Shane’s stand, but he wouldn’t stop. Shane finally stopped him with a grunt at 32 yards, quartering away.

He drew his Mathews Switchback and fired an arrow with a 100-grain Montec smack through the deer’s lungs. The animal ran about 30 yards and died in a heap.

Not a bad first bow buck. Don’t let the camera angle fool you, this is a giant. The long-beamed, long-tined 10-pointer with stickers reportedly gross-scores 203 5/8”. Awesome Shane and hell of a shot!

Hmm, what you gonna do for an archery encore?