Nov_28_06 The story and picture of this monster first appeared in the Kirksville Daily Express. To read Bud Schrader’s full article on the buck, click here.

Missouri high school senior Kim Harden raised her .243 and shot what she thought was a nice 10- or 12-pointer on her family’s property.

She walked up to the buck in the brush. “The head moved up and I could tell it was something big. I was shocked to see it,” she told Schrader.

Kim shot the buck in the heart and put it down for good.

The massive giant reportedly has 24 scorable points and green-scores 218 and change. Big-bodied, too. Kim’s father, Carrol, came with a tractor and helped her get out the 200-plus-pounder (gutted).

“I just really like [hunting],” Kim told the Kirksville paper. “It’s fun being out there in nature. It’s a good time.”

Way to go Kim, awesome buck, one of the best on the ZONE this year!

BTW, this is the second 200″ plus 24-pointer shot by a woman that I’ve posted this month. The girls are kicking butt!