Bruce Krings of Winona, MN sent me this email:

Nov_24_06 I shot this buck on the MN gun opener. It’s an 8-pointer with a 23-inch inside spread. I was in my tree stand on top of a ridge before daylight when I heard a 4-wheel driving around on the valley floor. It made several trips before it got light. I think it was taking hunters out to their stands. At daylight this big buck came up from the valley to within 50 yards of me. It didn’t run very far after I fired. It’s the biggest buck I have ever shot and it’s at the taxidermist now.

MORAL of the STORY: Bruce did it right, great job man! He got into his stand early, played off the pressure and let that vehicle and other hunters drive the big 8 into his gun site.

You do the same this holiday weekend and throughout the rest of gun season. Hunt off-the-wall spots where other people ARE NOT. The thicker the cover in those spots the better now that the rut is winding down and bucks have been spooked and shot at a lot.

Good luck and keep the stories/pictures coming!