Nov_16_06 Some great bucks are falling all over N.A., but the first true giant of 2006—the 36-pointer killed by Amish hunter John Schmucker in Adams County, Ohio, on September 30—continues to be the talk of Internet. I still get emails/pictures of this monster most every day.
Here’s an update of things I’ve pieced together since I first posted on this incredible buck on 10/4:

1: The 36-pointer gross-scored 304 non-typical; after deductions, 295 and change.
2: The Boone and Crockett Club says: With racks this complex determining the typical frame is a chore. 3: Verification of the scoring procedure once the 60 days (skull/rack drying period) is up will be crucial to make sure this fantastic rack gets every eighth inch it deserves, no more, no less.
4: Regardless of final score this monster will be one of the top 5 or 6 whitetails ever killed anywhere.
5: Schmucker and a few other Amish hunters had seen the buck, and found his giant rubs, for 3 years; the deer was a secret legend with a small home range in the Amish farming community.
6: Schmucker killed the buck on an evening hunt. He sneaked into the woods and ran his climbing stand up a tree near a crop field; he had the element of surprise.
7: Schmucker had seen the monster traveling/feeding with a couple of small bucks in late summer; when he spotted one of those little bucks that September afternoon, he knew the giant was nearby–and then there he was!
8: Schmucker used a Horton crossbow and made a good shot; the buck went about 80 yards and died.
9: I read in North American Whitetail magazine that since Schmucker is Amish he won’t appear in photographs. That is why the pics you see of this monster are head/rack only.