ZONER Cody sent me this email and pictures:

Nov_14_06 Hey Mike: I shot this 8-point last Saturday right before dark with a T/C Omega .50-caliber I got for Christmas a couple of years back. I had been watching a spike for about 20 minutes and he got really spooky all of a sudden. I heard a buck grunt and I turned around slowly. I saw the 8 standing about 40 yards straight behind me!

He started walking toward me and I knew I was going to get a shot. When he got to about 20 yards he stepped out of the scrub brush and gave me a broadside. He ran about 40 yards and piled up.

I think he is a great buck, my second best. He has about a 17½-inch spread and a sticker off his left brow tine that doesn’t quite count as a point but gives him character. I also think it is kind of cool that on the same farm 2 years ago I shot another big 8; that one was a little wider than this one, but their racks are almost identical.

BTW, the hole on the deer is the entry wound. We cut him open to gut him out and his heart and lungs were just little pieces.

Nov_14_06_2 The other picture is a great 9-point my brother, Ethan, shot last week. He grunted him in and dropped him in his tracks at about 40 yards with his T/C Omega. The buck had almost a 19-inch spread and a forked G-2, giving him his ninth point. This was his nicest buck and it is at the taxidermist. Thanks, Cody.

We talk all the time about the need to get more kids into hunting. Well, here are 2 we don’t have to worry about. Cody, 17, and Ethan, 14, are hard hunters who are grunting in and heart-shooting deer and then gutting them out. The boys are proud of their bucks, as they should be.

All us old ZONERS are proud of you too guys, way to go and keep it up!