Dec_8_06 I’ve gotten a couples of emails on this TX buck:

The deer was purportedly killed on a recent Saturday morning south of Junction, TX, on a low-fence ranch, meaning the animal was wild and free-ranging. It has 22 scoreable points but has not been officially scored.

No score is needed to see that this is a giant. Look at the long tines and especially the 25″ plus main beams on that dude, plus he’s even got a drop tine!

The lease where the hunter supposedly killed the buck is only 12 acres, which makes this amazing beast even more amazing.

If that is the case it supports a theory I’ve written about and truly believe in: If you can get sole hunting rights (either free or lease) to the right little property, and if you hunt it smart all by your lonesome, your chances of killing a big buck go way up, no matter the acreage.

Pressure is the key. The more of it on your land, the fewer old bucks you’ll see and shoot. The more of it on bordering lands, the more big racks you’ll see and shoot because other hunters will drive the bucks onto the spot where you’re waiting.

Sounds simple and it is…but that’s how you kill big deer like the 12-acre monster.

NOTE: There is confusion about the origins of this monster buck, which is not unusual. Rumors fly when a hoss hits the ground! That’s why I use the terms “purportedly” and “supposedly” when I post about a deer but can’t confirm the kill.

ZONER Tye just bought to my attention that Boone & Crockett posted this buck as coming out of Pennyrile State Forest in Kentucky. Could be, though this is a hell of a buck for public land, plus its body/neck and slick hair look more like a Texas deer to me. But I’ve hunted in west KY and know they have monsters too.

TX, KY, wherever, heck of a buck!

Anybody know more? Blog me and let us know.