Dec_21_07 I had heard rumors for weeks that yet another state record buck had been killed, this one in Kansas. I waited to post until I found out more.

This has to be the buck, as reported by According to the website the monster was killed by Gerald Rightmyer (coincidentally, a newly trained B&C official measurer) in Morris County, KS.

The giant has it all: lots of points, incredible mass w/palmation, width, super-long beams, “almost mythical” notes B&C.

And look at that clubby drop tine; remember I am obsessed with those dang things!

The buck’s unofficial green score is 285 3/8 gross and 269 1/8 net. Should that score hold anywhere close, it would become the second-largest deer in Kansas history.

Not the No. 1 non-typical maybe but the buck of a lifetime, congrats Gerry!