Dec_19_07_2 Does this picture offend you?

Uh, no, this is what we do: shoot a buck, drag it to our pickup, drive to a store to check it (required by law in some states at least) and grab a cup of coffee while other hunters in the parking lot come over, look in the bed and see what we got.

Under new legislation proposed by a North Dakota representative, you couldn’t do that anymore. Riding around with “an open deer” in or on your truck could get you a fine.

The proposal from State Rep. Duane DeKrey (R) would require hunters to cover up their dead does or bucks before transporting them on an Interstate or state highway.

Apparently as DeKrey drove around last fall he got tired of seeing dead/ field-dressed/bloody deer in pickups, on trailers or tied atop vehicles, so he introduced the legislation.

“I couldn’t help but wonder what the general public thinks about that,” he told the Bismark Tribune.

HELLO: You live in ND where almost everybody hunts or at least approves of it. You’d think DeKrey is an anti, but the paper says he’s a deer hunter.

I wouldn’t encourage you to strap a gutted-out buck on top your Tahoe and drive down Park Avenue NYC (then again it might be fun to see the horror on all those pretty people’s faces).

But driving home in November after an awesome day of hunting with a warm heart and a smile on your face and a freshly killed doe or buck in or on your vehicle? That’s all-American!

Two problems with the silly proposal. First, we don’t need another bureaucrat sticking his nose in our business.

Two, I’m tried of people telling us to be PC. “Oh, excuse me lady, let me throw a tarp over this pretty little whitetail I just shot and gutted so the bloody carcass won’t dare offend you.”

That’s BS!

Apologize to no one for being a hunter. Shoot a deer, gut it, drive home in your truck. If a little blood drips out the tailgate, so damn what?

Source: Bismark Tribune, 12.16.06