Dec_27_06 Mike: Here is a picture of me and my grandpa, Jim Guenther, with his 11-point buck. Grandpa shot him at 8 am on the 2006 gun opener in Buffalo County, WI.

The monster appeared with 2 does and another big buck at a pond in the local fields. Grandpa never saw where the deer came from; he just turned and looked, and they were standing there.

Grandpa missed twice, but the deer didn’t move or run. Finally he connected on the larger of the 2 bucks.

Grandpa just turned 72 the day before, and he was going into his final season of deer hunting. He got to end his hunting career by shooting the biggest buck of his life!

The deer is a main-frame 8 with a kicker off each bur tine and a 7-inch drop tine off the left main beam. Seventeen-inch inside spread. The antler bases are about 7 inches in circumference. Thanks, Ricky Guenther

Thanks for the cool story and picture, Ricky! Your grandpa got a great buck. It’s awesome the 2 of you hang out and hunt together.

BTW, tight-knit families who hunt together stick together through good times and bad, I really believe that.