Dec_19_07 Don’t give up yet, people are still dropping big deer. “Whitetail Freak” Kandi Kisky just sent me this note:

Just wanted to share a picture of my Iowa late-muzzleloader giant I shot last night. He grosses 174″. We have been after this buck for two years.

We called him “Jumping Jack” because we have live camera footage from last year with him jumping in and out of the frame. Crazy! We also have trail pictures, velvet footage and some of his sheds.

We decided to hunt a soybean field where Don had spotted him before. Earlier in the day we went in and set up a Double Bull Blind on top of a hill overlooking the beans.

It worked perfect! The buck came out at 4:30 pm and walked across the cut field to some standing beans we had left on the edge. He gave me a 100-yard shot and the Thompson Center Pro Hunter smoked him!

Hanback post-notes: It’s all about hunting the feed this time of year; leftover and/or standing soybeans are better than corn…T/C muzzleloaders dominate the market these days and for good reason; they’re great guns…that is one beautiful buck, tall, wide and heavy…we’ve had a lot of girls on the ZONE recently but this one is for REAL–way to go Kandi!