Dec_1_06 I figured I’d wrap the work week with our ongoing theme of girls kicking some serious butt, shooting big bucks and putting all us macho guys to shame.

Ain’t there just something about a blonde in Mossy Oak pants with a cartridge holder on her hip?

You young, hip ZONERS listen up. The anonymous email I got said she is 28, single and owns a good-sized hunting ranch in TX. I assume blondie killed the deer since she is posing with it, though I can’t say for sure.

For anybody who cares to look at the buck, it is beautiful too and reportedly scores 184 5/8”.

BTW, I’m in Iowa now, where it’s 12 degrees, wind chill below zero. If that doesn’t get the post-rut bucks moving to the feed I don’t know what will (need snow). Have a good weekend, hunt hard and shoot a buck, let me know if you do.