Assuming money was no object, these things top my holiday wish list:

Remxcr 1) A man can never have too much money or too many guns. I want to blow a grand on a Remington Model 700 XCR (Xtreme Conditions Rifle). With Big Green’s new “Corrosion Control System” this bolt-action can withstand rain, sleet, snow…you get the picture. It won’t scratch, corrode, etc. in extreme conditions. I need that because I don’t baby my rifles–I hunt as hard as I can with them.

I’d get it chambered in either old-school .270 or 7mm Remington Ultra Mag (RUM), a hot, sexy round that not nearly enough hunters have tried; a 140-grain Core-Lokt bullet sizzles along and flat-out smokes a buck.

Swav1042 2) Here’s some earth-shattering advice: You can’t shoot what you can’t see. Give me a new Leica Geovid 8×42 binocular, which has a first-class range finder built into the first-class glass. Or a pair of 10×42 Swarovskis. People look at me like I’m a damn nut when I say spend $1,000 and up for optics, but you’ll see and kill a lot more bucks.

3) A 2007 Chevy Suburban LT (Black). My 2003 model (only 60,000 miles) runs great but is banged up. I’ve hit 2 deer with it, ran over a fence and backed into too many trees, walls and poles to count (the damn thing in loooooong). It’s got deer and turkey blood stains in the cargo carpet. Don’t you just love that funked-up smell? Plus, gotta have XM radio in the new rig.

Dec_13_07 4) Most wanted: A 5- to 7-year-old buck like this one, which was shot up at Grant Kuypers’ place in Saskatchewan last month (click here to see his 2006 whitetail photo gallery, you won’t believe it). I have hunted whitetails across N.A. for 30 years and have never shot a drop-tine buck. I’m obsessed with getting one—maybe next year?

So, what’s number one on your wish list?

It’s the holidays and I feel like giving (also killed a 160-class buck on TV last week which really put me in a good mood). I’ll give you a week to tell me what one thing you as a hard-core hunter/Zoner want the most (be creative and money’s no object). I’ll pick out my favorite comment and send the winner a present just in time for Christmas.

Disclaimer: Hate to be Scrooge, but money is an object with me. The winner gets a cap and a cool piece of Under Armour apparel, not bad freebies huh?