It’s been a wild email afternoon.

Dec_11_06 First I got the picture of these giants (photo tag said Iowa but I can’t confirm it).

They are both monsters, especially that one on the right. He’s got it all, width, mass, long beams, incredible tine length, character… Anybody seen these bucks before or know the stories behind them? When, where? Blog back and let us know.

UPDATE Dec. 12, 5:07 PM: Just got this off the Boone & Crockett website: “Emails are rampant on these 2 bucks (the biggest one) reported to score in the 220 range as a typical. Our most reliable info at this time points to a high-fenced game farm. If so, these trophies are not eligible for inclusion into the records program.

Hmm, should have known!!!

Then came the pic of the giant deer-eating gator, which I believe will fast become a ZONE favorite, right up there with Bigfoot and the monster rattlesnake.

Txgator_1 The photo of the hungry beast was purportedly snapped from a helicopter whirring above Lake Conroe north of Houston, TX.

Everybody’s a comedian. One of the emails forwarded with the gator said TX Fish & Game ought to catch the sucker and relocate it down to the Rio Grande River on the Mexican border–“that ought to slow down the migration of the Illegals a bit” since our government can’t seem to do anything about it.

Hmm, that’s not funny, that makes sense!

Alas, another of the forwarded emails said TX officials had slain the giant beast. Oh well, RIP.