Jan_31_07 A fellow sent me this follow-up photo of the “Lloydminster Giant” (see yesterday’s post).

He said a resident who lives in the area posted this picture of the kid with the rack on the Kisky forum. It is legit, I had seen this photo before.

The email said the rack purportedly nets in the 190s (sounds right) and was the second biggest typical shot in Canada last fall.

Jan_31_07_2 Then he blew my mind and sent this picture, supposedly of the No. 1 typical shot in Canada in 06 (north of Edmonton, Alberta). The wide and massive rack is said to net 202. I had never heard of the hunting operation with which the buck was supposedly killed, but they have a website, though the picture is not on it. That’s weird and makes me wonder? I’d have posted that shot asap. But then they have not posted any of their bucks from the 2006 season yet.

Anyhow, still digging for more info on not just one but now 2 giants (send me any intel you’ve got). Hell, who knows how many more Canadian monsters will come out of the woodwork, stay tuned.