Jan_30_07 I just received this photo of an incredible 13-pointer that was supposedly shot on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border near the town of Lloydminster. The email said it might be one of the top 5 typicals ever, and that might be right, especially gross score.

Check out all those points and that mass! See why I love hunting in Canada so much? I drive right through Lloydminster on the way to Sask. outfitter Grant Kuypers’ camp every fall.

Though I can confirm nothing at this point, my speculation is that the monster was shot by a resident Canadian farmer (like the Milo Hanson record buck) because the photos I got were taken in a large outbuilding with tractors and tools, very typical for western Canada.

I checked with Boone and Crockett; they received the photos too, but have no concrete information yet. I have an email in to Grant and am hoping to find out more soon.

Of course with the way big buck photos (and rumors) fly around the Internet these days you might know more than I do about this giant already. If so tell us.