Jan_11_07 Ten different ZONERS so far have forwarded me this bizarre photo that is swirling wildly in cyberspace. Text reads :

This deer is recovering at the vet school at TX A&M. He got tangled in a fence and broke his neck. The gal is enrolled at the vet school and sent the photo.

A lot of hunters are very interested in finding out when and where the buck will be released.

I held off posting the hoax, but then I got to rough-scoring that gigantic rack and figured no matter how absurd the photo you’d appreciate those antlers. I count at least 20 points, long massive beams, more than 50” of mass for sure. That sucker’s 200” plus. Even a big drop tine I so desire!

I’ve got this funny feeling I’ve seen this rack before. A reproduction maybe?

I laughed out loud and showed it to one of my hunting buddies. “Uh, what if it’s real?” he asked. He pointed out the buck was recuperating in some type of barn or animal facility (note bags of pine shavings and feed bin/cage). He did allow the rainbow pillow was a bit much, but then he said a lot of those animal-lover-rescuer types use cutesy stuff like that.

Don’t mess with my feeble mind—it’s a fake…right? Damn, where have I seen that rack?