Jan_5_07 I’d give my 2006 deer season a C+.

Started out with a spectacular bust on a bowhunt in WY in September. October was pretty bad, until I went up to Saskatchewan with my buddy Grant Kuypers and smoked a decent 9-point muzzleloader buck on the last day.

My annual MT Milk River bowhunt with Luke Strommen was a blast. With the deer in full-blown rut on Nov. 20, it was a sight. Monsters dogging and chasing does all over the place. I had probably 15, hair-raising in-your-face encounters with big shooters. I made some bone-headed moves drawing on a couple of them and flat-out missed a PY buck we had named “Flop Ear” (he’d broken an ear in a fight and it dangled down and flooped when he chased does around).

My excuse is that I was bowhunting/stalking on the ground for “Whitetail Revolution,” which is tough (and why nobody else tries it) but makes for kick-ass TV. Watch for this episode on Versus next season.

Gun and bowhunts scattered in and around these trips sucked, and my season was humming along in solid D range–until I went out to Iowa the first week of December and killed my first-ever slug buck, an incredibly symmetrical 160-class 10-pointer (photo).

Looking back, that kill was a damn miracle. The first 2 days I hunted, high temps were in the single digits and wind-chill lows were way below zero. If you’re man enough to hack it 10 hours on post, that’s what you want in December because post-rut bucks have to pop out to feed sometime for a few minutes in daylight hours or else they’ll die.

The day after I killed my deer, temps shot back up into the 40s and 50s and mature buck sightings plummented again in daylight. It’s been warm out there ever since.

What’s up with this weather anyhow? Global warming, or a Gore myth? It’s gonna be 70 here tomorrow. Then it snows like hell twice in CO and KS…go figure.

Anyway, so how was your 06 season? Give it an A…B…C…F? How many does did you kill…bucks…elk or any other critters? Miss any? Mess up. See anything weird in the woods (bigfoot maybe?) Do anything incredibly smart or stupid. Let’s blog it out.

BTW, heading to Orlando for SHOT show next week, where I’ll start setting up my hunting/filming season for 2007. Tough gig, I know, but I gotta shoot for an A next fall.