Jan_18_07 You saw this incredible giant on the ZONE weeks ago. Here’s more on the hunt, courtesy of Scott who sent me this info:

I thought you might enjoy this. I invited my friend (Gerry Rightmyer of Brockport, NY) to join me on a 2006 do-it-yourself swap hunt in Kansas. Gerry ended up shooting this 285″ gross monster on some farm land (Morris Co.). It is on the front cover of North American Whitetail magazine this month.

I got connected with the landowner (John) by surfing hunting sites on the web. I live in Colorado and worked out a swap hunt with John; we made arrangements for him to come out here and hunt antelope or mule deer if Gerry and I could come to KS and hunt his land.

According to the NAW article, Scott and Gerry arrived in KS on Nov. 27, 2 days before the rifle opener. They studied maps and did some scouting, and Gerry hung a tree stand on a sign-blazed ridge. He saw a couple of bucks early on opening morning. A couple of hunters walked near his stand; Gerry was bummed but hung tough. Around noon the monster showed up and Gerry dropped him with his .270.

The giant net-scored 269 and change. Check out the 14″ drop tine! Mass everywhere! Not bad for doing some research and hunting on the cheap, swapping hunts that is.

Thanks Scott, awesome story man. No doubt Gerry’s giant is the #1 swap-hunt buck of all-time!

BTW, I got to looking and found literally hundreds of forums and websites that offer swap hunts, like and These offer a lot of intriguing and affordable opportunities for hunting everything from big whitetails to elk to alligators, but be careful. While Scott and Gerry’s KS hunt was a monster success, swap-hunting is buyer beware. Before you trade a trip or send personal info or $$$, by all means do your homework to make sure things are legal and legit.