Jan_26_07 Jeff Brunner sent me this email:

My wife Lisa shot this buck on the gun opener in Wisconsin. He scored 185 gross and 179 5/8 net; a 6×6 with one sticker. Big time massive, nearly 7” mass between the G2 and G3.

He weighed in at 217 lbs. The most amazing number is his age–4½ years. He still had some growing to do.

We had been watching this buck for the last 2 years. I had him 15 yards from me with my bow but could not get the shot. When I told Lisa about it she said jokingly, “God must want me to shoot him”. I guess she was right; she put him down with her Browning 7mm Mag.

This is Lisa’s second 150” plus buck. We have the whole management thing working great for us on our 80 acres.

3 lessons to learn here: First, what a buck, one of the prettiest typicals I’ve seen in a while. It proves something I’ve been writing about a lot: You can manage, grow and hold some giant whitetails on your 100 acres or less if you’re serious and put in the time and $$$ and then hunt your tract smartly.

Plus, Lisa and Jeff are doing it right, hunting and enjoying their land together. Cool.

Finally, that’s one fantastic hunting picture. Well-composed and framed, both the buck and Lisa look great. Well done Jeff. Everytime you shoot a deer (doe or buck) clean it up, pose with it humbly and proudly and snap some digitals. Show the animals you kill respect and you’ll have great photos and memories.