Xrayskull_1 On the last day of the Maryland gun season Jonathan Leith dropped a fat 8-pointer with a 14″ spread. The 2 1/2-year-old buck wasn’t big enough for a shoulder mount, so Jon decided to saw the skull into a European mount.

Check out the x-ray and see what he found!

Sunk just below the right eye socket and into the honey-combed nasal area and touching the left teeth was a piece of XX75 aluminum arrow with a 3-blade broadhead.

Jon told Mike Sawyers of the Cumberland Times-News, “There was no physical evidence that the deer had an arrow in it. The skin wasn’t broken, there was no pus pocket. The eye appeared to be normal.”

See photo below of Jon and the freshly killed deer. I figure the errant arrow was fired into buck sometime during the 2005 bow season. The deer broke it off, healed and, miraculously, continued to breath, see and feed.

Jan_24_07( Click here to read the entire story. Special thanks, Mike, for the photos.

The x-ray buck jogged my memory of a not-pleasant morning of archery hunting about 10 years ago. I hooked up with a buddy at 10:00 AM and he said rather sheepishly, “I shot one, but I think I hit him in the head.”

“How in the hell did you do that?” I asked. We looked for 4 hours but never found blood.

A week later I bumped into a guy who bowhunted about a half-mile away. “Damnedest thing, 2 days ago I shot an 8-pointer with an arrow sticking out the back of his skull. He was getting around pretty good, but I bet he had a headache, har, har,” he laughed. “Know anybody who shoots a 3-blade Muzzy?”

“No,” I lied and drove away. I didn’t think the guy’s joke was one bit funny, but I’m glad he killed the buck and put him out of misery.

I guess the motto of all this is: Watch your bowshots! NO excuse for hitting a deer in the head or neck.