Allow me to quash a couple of Internet rumors.

Feb_22_07 This giant with the email subject–FW: 30-point killed in Morgan, GA on Jan 3, 2007–has been circulating wildly the last few weeks. I’ve received it more than 100 times.

Hell of a buck, just not from Georgia and not shot in January 2007.

This is in fact Bill Crutchfield Jr.’s new Maryland record non-typical (268″ and change gross), likely the biggest buck ever shot on the East Coast. As reported here on the ZONE, Bill killed it in Charles Co. MD with a slug gun one day last November.

BTW, the Crutchfield monster also appears on pg. 13 of the March 07 issue of Outdoor Life.

Feb_22_07_2 Like a bad dream, this fat buck has surfaced again. I’ve been getting a lot of emails like this one:

Mike: These pictures, supposedly of a 412 pound whitetail taken along the Clarion River in PA, have made it to my desk here in Connecticut. Know anything about it, or if that thing is for real?

Well, I know this much. I first posted it on the ZONE back on May 22, 2006. Talk about making the rounds!

Back then a bunch of people told me the buck was not shot in PA, but on an Indian reservation in Nebraska in 2005. But authorities there doubted the deer was legit. If it was real, they were sure it wasn’t killed in NE. Word of a 400-pounder would have traveled fast in those parts.

Somehow an investigative reporter for the St. Paul Star Tribune (MN) got on the story. He dug around and found out that the buck might have come off a reservation, but he couldn’t say where or when.

Responding to my first post on this purportedly 412-pounder (I titled it “Whale of a Tale?” pretty good huh?) a guy commented: “Raise the BS flag! Photoshop, and a chop job at that!”

I agreed with him then and now. Check how the deer’s cape is lighter, smoother and cleaner than the rest of the hide? Notice the cuts down near the brisket don’t seem to line up?

Like I asked in that post 9 months ago: Why would somebody superimpose a 130-point head shot onto what appears to be a gut-shot, bloated buck? Damned if I know, people do weird stuff.

Anyhow, next time you see either one of these bucks in your inbox–and you will, maybe next week or next month or next year–go ahead and set the record straight.