March_26_07 Hey Mike: You asked about big sheds and carcasses… I have attached a picture of me holding the head of a buck I found in April 06 in western Wisconsin. I had been shed hunting the weekend before I found it and still had antlers on the brain as I drove home from work one day.

Driving by a low marshy area owned by a utility company, I glanced out to where I have often seen deer crossing and thought I saw a flash of antler in the swamp grass about 75 yards off the road. Long story short – this big rack was lying there. It appeared the buck had been hit by a car and managed to get off the road before he died. His nose was skinned up and the antler on the opposite side had a little road rash. Other than that the antlers are perfect.

Haven’t had the rack officially scored, but 3 different amateurs each come up with mid 170s. Did a European mount with the head, looks great on my wall. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Andy

Lesson: As I said the other day you never know what you’ll find in the woods this time of year. The grass and foliage are dead and flat and the new greenery is still weeks away from popping out. Shed antlers and carcasses w/racks stick out better now than at any other time of year, so get out there and look. You might find a giant typical like ZONER Andy did, or maybe gnarly non-typical antlers/rack.

So how’s your shedding going? Send more stories and pictures for me to post.