March_6_07 MT friend and outfitter Lucas Strommen sent me this picture/info:

Karen Jackson (top photo) dropped this awesome animal one day last November. We considered Karen’s buck a stag muley, but a unique one. Most of the stag bucks I have seen firsthand have abnormally small testicles. Karen’s velvet buck didn’t have any balls! Further, in place of where they should have been there was an udder!

The “buck” sported everything else in the proper places consistent with a male muley. Go figure, but hell of a cool trophy. Way to go Karen!

I agree…and another one:

Two years ago on December 8th Linda Lee Landon (LLL) was hunting on the ground, covered with freshly falling snow, fine camo. Soon a doe came by and then a buck, his rack tough to see in the blizzard. Linda flicked off the muzzleloader’s safety and fired.

March_6_07_2 The deer didn’t kick up its hind legs or stumble…nothing. He just ran off. LLL (photo left) freaked–how could she have missed at 30 yards?

She went over to make sure she hadn’t clipped the buck and found huge blood splatters and then blood spraying out both sides.

She called her husband, Butch, and they started tracking. They didn’t go far. “Holy smokes, look what you got!” he hollered. LLL started counting points–“24, and they’re still in velvet!”

The buck was huge, 275 on the hoof, but he had no visible genitals. LLL and Butch gutted the animal and found one testicle and a urinary tract that led to the outside, but no penis.

LLL saved the buck’s “inner ball” in formaldehyde for the state biologist. He said the deer was born with a low testosterone level, so the genitals didn’t fully develop. He also said that since the deer didn’t have normal testosterone fluctuations, he didn’t shed velvet.

The rack was tough to score, but it taped out at 213″ and change under the Buckmasters system; #2 in their book for the irregular blackpowder category.

Linadlandoncamphoto LLL sent this postscript: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. When we were at Gander Mountain getting the buck scored, this guy comes in all p