March_19_07 Montana outfitter and ZONE guest blogger Lucas Strommen sent me this:

Hey Boss: Stole away for a couple of hours yesterday and found some sheds and one nice buck.

Too bad, he was a good one with a lot of potential, check out that 7″ brow and the split brow. Winter Kill.

The pic of me (below) with all those old white sheds support your book (Bowhunting Mega Bucks) where we talk about hunting for sheds after cattle have grazed down a woodlot.

Some of those sheds were a few years old and had been concealed by the tall grass for the last few seasons till the cows kicked em up. I even found one antler with a big old cow dung next to it, nice effect huh?

Mach_19_07_2 And from across the country George asked:

Mike: I live in Pittsburgh, PA (in the city limits) and we have a nice deer population year round. I just saw a video of some of our local bucks that my neighbor took on March 12. There were 4 bucks, one was a half rack 4-point and the other was a nice 10-point. Why would they still be carrying their racks at this time of year? Thanks, George

George: March is late but not unheard of. Biologists say stress, nutrition, weather, etc. can delay shedding from late December to February to even March, as you have seen. It is not an exact science.

BTW, I bet that 4-point has lost his other side by now, and the 10 is likely bald too. They drop em fast. Keep checking with your neighbor; she’ll keep seeing those bucks and it will be interesting to learn when they finally go bald for the year.

Anybody looking and finding any big sheds, any carcasses, any cool or weird stuff? You never know what you’ll find on a walk in the woods this time of year, so let us know.