June_30_07 I have been meaning to post this letter/photo for, oh, about 7 months. Then I saw those 2 great bucks again and put them up as fast as I could. Check out the buck’s neck on the right, looks like a bull!

Hi Mike: I just got back from Grant’s in Saskatchewan, what an awesome hunt! I got a 15-point that scored 163 4/8. He broke off his 16th point after I shot him—he took about 3 big strides and plowed head-first into the ground. I think/hope the taxidermist can fix it. Should score over 170 with that point!

I’m going back next year and hope to for the rest of my life. I love it up there, just like you do. I’m a welder by trade and they need a lot of them up there in the mines in the bush. Just have to talk my wife into it!

(Hanback here, I add big LOL!)

The guy on the left with the 10-point is my friend Al from Missouri. He got a nice one too. Take care and I hope to see you up at Grant’s lodge sometime. Happy hunting, Tom.

Epilogue: By chance Tom had booked a hunt with Grant for the 3rd week of rifle season last November (one of the top weeks), and then one night last August he saw me shoot a 181-inch Saskatchewan monster on Whitetail Revolution. This really pumped Tom up, and we corresponded a few times before his hunt. Then he went up there and nailed his 170 buck, and now he doesn’t want to leave! I love it when things work out like that, and I love to visit Saskatchewan, though it is way too damn cold in winter for this Southern boy to live up there.

BTW, anytime I promote a hunting outfitter on the ZONE or on TV, you have my word that he is legit. I can’t guarantee you’ll go there and shoot a monster. But I can guarantee you’ll be in good game country with good people; I don’t waste my time hunting with people I don’t respect and enjoy. If and when you go and get your chance at a giant buck, closing the deal is up to you.