July_31_07 A ZONER saw this buck on the Hunter’s Specialties website and bought it to my attention.

I checked it out and saw that Bruce Thompson shot the massive 8-pointer (with his bow) in Highland County, Ohio last fall. It grossed 180 2/8 and netted 174 5/8.

“This buck came running to the True Talker grunt call,” said Bruce. (The best advertisement the product ever got.)

Anyhow, this is one amazing animal. By my calculations it is only one of 35 typical 8-pointers ever to net 170” Boone and Crockett. The biggest 4×4 of all-time netted 180 3/8”; it was killed by a rifle hunter in South Dakota back in 1965. Only a few inches bigger than Bruce’s buck!

Many of the big-time trophy hunters I know believe a clean, giant 8-pointer is the ultimate whitetail that walks the woods. One more look at Bruce’s titan and I find it hard to disagree. Check out those long beams and G-2s! Super mass too.

BTW, if you see if a thick-racked 8-pointer that will score 130″ and up this fall, shoot it man! That is one great buck for only 4 points on each side. A lot of hunters wait for a 10-pointer because with 2 more tines it will score more. Maybe, but if you pass up a big, mature 8 you’re crazy.