Borderfence I pulled this excerpt from a Reuters story at yahoo news:

conservationists are concerned that a planned border security fence to stem illegal immigration from Mexico could cut this delicate area up even more and possibly remove the corridor of vital riverbank habitat that remains.

Scientists for the Wildlife Conservation Society (and other greenie-weenie groups based in New York, Chicago and other cities I am sure) fret that a fence/wall built along our southern border would restrict and/or isolate some animals and put species like the ocelot (wild cat) and several birds and butterflies at risk of local extinction.

Birds and butterflies? I thought they could fly a wall, and I thought most of them thrived in the edges of new, cut habitats. But I’m just a redneck hunter, what do I know?

July_30_07 I can confirm what U.S. Border Agents say, that the illegals are trashing the environment down there. When I hunt the West Texas plains (that’s a wide-open Mexico off in the distance behind me and that awesome 10-pointer I had just stalked and shot) I cannot not believe the maze of people trails gouged in the prairie.

And you wouldn’t believe the litter strewn all over. Looks like a damn garbage dump in places. Border agents say plastic water bottles, clothes and discarded rubber rafts along the river are common. God only knows what else.

One very simplistic way to look at it is this: Save a bird or a butterfly, or build the wall, clean up the border environment and save our country.

You make the call because our Congress and President won’t.