Aug_15_07 Top Saskatchewan outfitter and my buddy Grant sent this:

Hello Mike: Saw your post last week about big 8-pointers, check out this one. It is one of the top 8-pointers to come out of our Buck Paradise camps ever—scored just over 181!

A fellow from New Jersey shot him in 2003 (damn good year here). BTW, this is the first whitetail that guy ever shot!

Mike, I have never seen my guides so excited as when they bought in this deer. They called me at Green Lake and persisted that I come home to the Paradise Hill camp to see this animal. It is truly a beast, one of the best whitetails I have ever seen in my life.

Back then, I had another big deer with more points in the lodge that gross-scored over 200 inches. We put the monster 8 up against it and the 8 seemed to dwarf it.

The big 8 had a 17” inside spread, 22” and 25” beams, 12” G-2s and circumference measurements all way out the rack from 5” to 7”, incredible. Take care friend, Grant

I am awestuck by this buck, one of the finest 8-pointers I’ve ever seen for sure, you?