Aug_24_07 Hi Mike: I wanted to pass on some pictures of a 20-point non-typical I shot last fall while bowhunting on a friend’s farm in central Illinois.

On November 12, 2006, 26 years of bowhunting paid off big time for me.

I was running late that day and did not get into my stand until about 2:00 p.m. At 2:30 a very large 8-point came in. I was sitting at the bottom of a ravine and the 8-pointer was up towards the top of the hill. This put him even with me in my stand about 25 yards away.

I tried to get off a shot for several minutes, but he kept looking in my direction. He never would look away so I could pull back and shoot.

Suddenly I heard 2 loud grunts behind me. I could not turn around to see what was making the noise; I was worried the 8-pointer would see me and spook. I kept hearing sounds of a bush being torn apart by antlers and more loud grunts. All I could do was sit still and stare at the 8-pointer.

Finally the 8 had watched the buck behind me long enough. He decided to leave in a hurry. I spun around to see what was making all that racket, and saw antlers and points sticking out everywhere.

I turned all away around in my seat and got ready. The giant buck was watching the 8-pointer leave, and he started running down the hill toward him. The huge deer passed 18 yards from my stand, broadside. I drew back, aimed and let the arrow fly.

WHACK, it hit right behind the buck’s right shoulder. He ran about 30 yards, stopped, staggered to his left and fell over.

I could not believe what had just taken place. I was so excited! I waited for about 20 minutes to make sure the buck was down for good.

I walked over and got my arrow, then went and got my first look at the rack. I counted 20 points, and 3 broken points that could not be scored. The deer officially scored 217 3/8 Boone & Crockett. I entered the buck in the Illinois Deer Classic back in February and it won 1st place for Best of the Show Non-typical Archery.

It was the hunt of my lifetime and all I can do now is get ready for my 27th season of bowhunting. I thank my Dad for getting me started when I was 12, and I thank my buddy for letting me hunt on his farm all these years. It has produced a lot of large bucks for me.

Mike, I enjoy reading the ZONE. Keep up the good work, you have the best deer-hunting site out there. Thanks, Parrish Brown. Illinois

Parrish, great buck, great shot, great story, thanks for letting me post it on the ZONE. Check out that third beam/tine shooting up off the left base, cool. This another example of the crazy-good things that can happen when you’re out there in the rut.

BTW, all ZONERS play hooky from school or work and hunt like a madman this Nov. 8 to 15 or therabouts. Mark it down. Those are the rut days when your odds of shooting a giant dream buck like Parrish’s are best.