Sept_6_07 The ZONE is not all about big whitetail bucks (well, mostly it is). But here are a couple of different bucks I thought you’d enjoy today.

Luke Strommen sent me this picture of his friend Adam Morehouse of Glasgow, Montana. A couple of weeks ago, Adam killed this pronghorn with a 64″ Robertson Stykbow of 68# and Gold Tip arrows tipped with Montec G5 2-blade broadheads.

“He’s smaller than the goat I got last year,” Adam told Luke.

Luke responded, “Man, are you crazy? Any antelope shot with any type of bow, let alone a longbow, is a true accomplishment.”

I’d say. I bet there aren’t 20 pronghorns killed with a longbow in the U.S. each season. Way to go Adam!

Mr_majestic This beautiful muley is from Jim, the nice guy who if you recall from one of last week’s posts has life figured out. Jim lives at 9,000 feet in the CO Rockies and takes wildlife photos in his yard. Jim’s caption w/the picture was: “Looks like we’re going to have some big ones this fall, enjoy!”

I believe I might shoot that big 4×4 with stickers, what about you 🙂