2 More Bow Giants

Sept_24_07_2 Photos of 2 more giants purportedly shot with bows in the last few weeks landed in my inbox over the weekend. Details are sketchy but one thing is for sure--these are awesome animals! If anybody knows more about these bucks or the hunters let us know.

The note with this North Dakota monster said it might score 280" non-typical. I don't know about that, but if so it would be one of the top 10 freaks in the B&C book. In any event this is a world-class animal! Check out all those points and those drop-tines baby!

Sept_24_07_3 The message said this muley could be the new archery state non-typical record. Again, I don't know (to score it, the velvet would have to be removed and the rack allowed to dry) but I do know this is a tremendous animal with great palmated mass and cool sticker points. Wouldn't that be a kick-ass mount as it looks, with velvet on and the strips peeling? Today's top taxidermists can do amazing work, I bet a pro could replicate that.