Sept_20_07 The first true giant of 2007 hit the ground 2 days ago. Joe, who owns and operates, turned me onto this monster (185 gross) and he’s gonna follow up with more info asap, after he gets out of his tree stand later tonight. Stay tuned.

My first impressions: Man, what a typical beast…those are long main beams..,that bowhunter looks young! Stay tuned.

JOE’S UPDATE 9/21/07:

Mike: We just had another pig killed in Maryland by 18-year-old Patrick Simpkins. It will be either the new number 1 or, at worst, the number 2 typical bow-kill for the state. I put the tape on the rack myself; it gross scores 185 and nets over 180. The state record is 183 and change, so the Simpkins buck is a contender.

Pat seems like a great guy. We were riding up the road and he turns on the radio and out comes country music. How many 18-year-olds drive around with a B&C buck in the back of their 4×4, jamming to Montgomery Gentry? Young guys like this give hope that hunting is not as doomed as some people want us to believe.

I shot a short video interview with Pat and the buck, click here to watch and listen as Pat tells his story.

Joe did a good job with the video: At 6:30 P.M. Pat heard a crack behind his tree stand…he thought it was a squirrel, looked down and saw this 6×6 monster…his tree stand popped…the giant looked up…go watch the rest.

BTW, Joe’s right. Young guys like Pat give us hope, way to go kid!