Sept_24_07 Another monster fell in MD, and Joe has it covered again at his website. Joe reports:

Billy Lyons, BJ to his friends, killed this deer last Monday only 100 yards from his house in St. Mary’s County. He was stripping the velvet off the rack as we spoke about his hunt.

BJ is a trail cam addict like many of us; he’s running 5 cams right now. About 2 months ago he spotted this buck in the bean field and put out a camera; the very first night he got the monster on the cam. Since then he has gotten hundreds of pictures of this buck along with 12 others that made up the bachelor group.

Monday morning was the first day BJ could hunt this year and he made it count. At first light the buck was making his way across the soybean field. BJ used his Mathews to smoke him with a G5 Montec at 32 yards. The giant made it 125 yards, and BJ watched him go down.

The buck has 17 points and scores 182 gross non-typical. The spread is 22 1/2 inches inside. He had a dressed weight of 175 pounds on a scale. Congratulations again BJ.

My thoughts and keys to BJ’s hunt:

  • I have told you 100 times and I say it again—monster bucks are homeboys. Spot a giant in the summer and, with luck, you can kill him right there one day in Sept., Oct., Nov….
  • I have told you 100 times…the more you watch and pattern a buck with binoculars and trails cams, the better your chances of getting him. Watch a giant as much or more than you actually hunt him!
  • I have told you 100 times…a lot of giant bucks like BJ’s live beside roads and houses and in small blocks of timber—hunt there.
  • I have told you 100 times…hunt the mornings as well as the afternoons in early bow season…the old saw that you can only kill a giant around feed in the PM is a myth, just ask BJ.
  • BTW, this giant carried his velvet a long time into mid-September; Joe tells me that every year a fair number of MD bucks are killed the first week of bow season still holding their velvet.
  • BTW, 12 bucks in a bachelor’s group is a lot and a very cool thing!

BJ, awesome job scouting and patterning this giant and then closing the deal. Way to go man!