Sept_25_07 ZONER Mike sent this last night:

Big Manitoba buck, 15-year-old youth hunter in archery season. Heard it scores 203, not sure if that’s gross or net. Don’t have more info, but sure do love the velvet!

This is one of those OMG bucks that might gross near 200”. Check out all the points (I count at least 12), great spread and long beams. Brow tines are most impressive and world-class. I am furiously looking into this buck that was purportedly shot on 9/15, trying to confirm things. The trees in the background look like Manitoba.

If things check out and I hope they will, this will be one of the top whitetails shot in North America this year, and it’s only September!

Kids are kicking butt this bow season, great for the sport!

If anybody knows more about this giant let me know asap. If anybody knows the kid hunter tell him to email me asap. I would be interested in doing a feature magazine article about this monster and I’ll make it worth the kid’s time.

BTW, 15 years ago Manitoba was supposed to be the next Saskatchewan for big deer, but the buzz fizzled. The kid’s monster might put it back on the map. Stay tuned.