These 3 great bow bucks fell last week:

Sept_10_07 Eric Bothun (left) hunted in western North Dakota. It was hot, and he set up in a ground blind near a water hole one afternoon. Smart! Eric passed on a couple of mule deer, and a half-hour before dark this big deer stepped out. Eric drilled the best buck of his life at 30 yards, while Jason Irish filmed the action for Drury Outdoors TV and DVDs.

Sept_10_07_2 Bill lives in Nevada where there are no whitetails, but he follows the ZONE any how. He shot this heavy muley, his first with a bow, on September 2. Good job Bill and thanks for your support!

Sept_10_07_3 A ZONER pointed out this fantastic 18-pointer that was shot on the KY opener and posted first on I believe it could turn out to be the biggest velvet buck shot in the U.S. this bow season.

If your season opens on September 15 or October 1, like many states do, this 180-inch monster (along with Bothun’s 161-inch 12-pointer) should give you hope and confidence.

Opening week, when the big boys haven’t been pressured for a year and are locked into predicable bed-to-feed patterns, is a great time to kill a monster (from here on out, they will be sans velvet and hard-horned). So keep scouting and glassing bucks in fields; pin down their tight patterns; and set a tree stand for an opener ambush. BTW, If the situation/terrain/wind are just right, you might score from a blind like Bothun did; remember the bucks are a little lackadaisical now.

Good luck, when you shoot one (or if your buddy scores first) send me the pic and story.