Oct_24_07 Hey Mike: I wanted to share a story about a special young girl from SD. Her name is Courtney and she is really getting it done this season. She shot her first antelope ever from a ground blind at 18 yards with a bow in late September. Two weeks later she shot her first rifle antelope–90 yards and on public land that she and her dad had scouted. Notice the shot placement on the buck. For a girl who had never fired a gun at a live animal—center-punched him in the shoulder.

The rifle buck measured almost 13”. Quite a trophy for any hunter—Courtney is 11 years old!

She is the daughter of my good friend Tom, a lifelong friend and hunting buddy. He and his father got me into hunting since nobody in my family hunted. Tom has been teaching Courtney how to hunt and fish since she was in diapers. She is a natural with a bow and apparently with a rifle as well.

Courtney is a joy to have in camp with us. She routinely out-fishes the guys and is apparently catching up quickly in the hunting arena too. She loves to spend time with her Dad. She is now looking to fill both her SD archery and rifle deer tags.

I know her Dad is very proud of her and I am too. Courtney has already done something I have not: killed an antelope with her bow.

Hope this story is as amazing to you as it is to me. Courtney is a special kid with a true love for a sport that is usually reserved for someone 3 or 4 times her age. I think it would be a real treat for her to see her pictures on your site and to promote hunting to her friends and schoolmates.

_Have a great weekend. Chris, SD_

Chris: All I can is thanks, man, for the awesome story. We all need to step back and get our priorities straight every once in a while. There is more to life than you or me going out and shooting a buck—like a father, Tom, devoting so much time to his daughter. No doubt in my mind that girl will grow up right with that kind of love and guidance.

Oct_24_07_2_2 Courtney, you sound like a special kid indeed, and I’m proud of you too. Way to go girl, I’m honored to have you on the ZONE. Now, go out with Dad, shoot those deer and send me more pictures.