Oct_16_07 Jay Gregory sent me a couple more pictures and some details on how he shot this fantastic 190″ Midwestern Monster last Wednesday AM:

  • He had been hunting “Splitter” for 3 years. He got one Cuddeback picture of the buck in 2005, at night, when the deer was 4 years old. The next summer he got tons of photos and even filmed Splitter once in full velvet. But Jay never saw him during the 2006 hunting season. “A more fitting name for the buck might have been Ghost,” he said. This past summer he never saw the buck, but he got lots more photos.
  • Last fall, Jay had hung a tree-stand set close to where he thought Splitter/Ghost might be bedding, but he was only able to hunt it once–one day in November–because the wind never was right.

Last Wednesday, October 10th, Jay and his wife, Tammi, made their way to the stand in the early-morning darkness. They had not been in there since last year, but they were excited because of the early-season north wind. (Just as I had thought, that north wind/cold front last week put those Midwestern bucks on their feet.)

Did it ever! Jay saw 11 bucks in and around some oak trees that morning; Splitter/Ghost was the last one to show. He had the giant at 60 yards and closer for 30 minutes. “By the time he got into bow range my nerves were shot,” Jay said. The buck was chomping acorns when he shot him at 10 yards (50 yard track job). Tammi filmed the action.

The rack grossed 190 5/8, had 43 inches of mass and 17 scorable points.

Jaygregorysplittertrailcam “I admit I have a bit of an empty feeling now that Splitter is no longer out there,” Jay told me. “When you hunt an animal for that long you get a great deal of respect for him. Splitter will hold a great place on my wall where I will pay my respects to him every day.”

And that’s how you do it my friends–the hard scouting, the smart hunting, the respect for the animals, everything.